John Nash’s Mental Disturbance in Getting his Dream as Reflected in the A Film Beautiful Mind Directed by Ron Howard



         Mega Alimah Subekti (2018).”Jhon Nash’s Mental Disturbance in getting his Dream as Reflected in the Film A Beautiful Mind Directed by Ron Howard”. Thesis, Jakarta : English Literature, Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing (STBA)-IEC Jakarta.

        The objective of this research is to analyze the schizophrenia in psychological perspective. This research uses qualitative method and the data will be qualitatively analyzed. In analyzing A Beautiful Mind film, there were two theories applied. First theory is theory of psychoanalytic written by Sigmund Freud focuses on three psychic zones such as Id, Ego and Superego to show the schizophrenia affects for the imbalance from the main character’s personality. This theory deals with self-defense mechanism theory to defense as long as he suffered the schizophrenia. To know the characterization of the main character the writer used characterization method fiction research by Albertine Minderop with telling and showing method.

Keywords : Psychoanalysis theory, Defense mechanism, Characterization


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