Nanda Ayu Fadillah (2018) The Analysis of Psychological Conflict Based Experience of The Saroo As Main Character in Lion Movie 2017 By Garth Davis. Thesis Jakarta : English Literature Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Bahasa Asing (STIBA) IEC Jakarta.

This thesis discusses the psychological conflict of the main character “Saroo” in the movie of the Lion by Garth Davis. In this thesis, the author uses a library research method which means that the writer collects data sources through internet. The study also used the psychological approach (anxiety and hallucinations) of Sigmund Frend. The intrinsic aspects analyzed are character, conflict and setting. The intrinsic aspect is used to support the analysis in a thorough manner. While psychoanalytic theory is used to analyze extrinsic aspects because it is considered important in analyzing the psychology of the characters or characters of the story. The setting of the place and time in this story is dominated by home, child shelter, limestone hill, in the train. The writer chooses to anaylze the psychological conflict that happended in the movie Lion by By Garth Davis. In this movie, the writer wants to reveal the psychological conflict of  Dev Pantel as main character. The types of the psychological conflict, causes of the psychological conflict and how to solve the problem. The writer hope the reader can enrich the knowledge in the literature, can be guidance to find out what are the causes, effect and solve the psychological conflict in the movie.

Keywords : Psychological conflict causes, motivation


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